50 Shapes of Photowalk

As every month we are up for another PHWK! This time we will walk around the center of the city paying special atention to all the geometrical forms that we can integrate in our photos: squares, circles, diamonds, rectangles…We would try to look at the urban surroundings in order to find some recognizable geometrical forms. It dosen’t matter if you use a reflex camera, a digital one or a mobile phone camera as long as you want to make some great photos. You will meet new people with your same interests and you will have a nice walk around the city.


  • As always punctuality is a must. At the settled hour we will wait for 5 – 10 minutes and start the photowalk. If for some reason you are late you can try to ask where we are via Meetup or our Telegram group.
  • You should wear confy shoes and clothes because we will walk a lot.
  • After the photowalk we will stay at a nearby bar to have a drink and chat. Evereyone can join us.
    See you on 2nd!


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